Responza knowledge

Knowledge Management is about how we collect, structure and share knowledge between us. The more knowledge workers we are, the more important it is to take the value of knowledge seriously.

With Knowledge Management you can improve your response times, ensure a high clarification rates and streamline the work processes among the employees, to name a few of the advantages.


Responza knowledge is a Scandinavian web based standard knowledge solution that unites best practice knowledge management functionalities with a powerful search engine similar to Google.


Responza Knowledge gives you

  • A best practice approach to knowledge sharing

  • An intuitive, responsive and modern platform

  • The ability to unite your knowledge sources in one platform 

  • A simple and accessible administration module, enabling agile knowledge sharing in every organisation

Responza Engage

We help our customers offer a more personal and effective digital customer experience by engaging the right customer at the right time on the most effective channel and with the right knowledge at hand. We have extensive knowledge of the digital opportunities that lie in online engagement. The Responza Engagement platform engages all channels and alternates between "deflection" (e.g. chatbot and online KB) and personal "engagement" (e.g. human chat, call to web, co-browsing, online meeting and dialback).

It is difficult building new customer relationships and converting by focusing only on "deflection", so join the future digital customer journey with Responza Engage with seamless integration to Responza Knowledge.

engage (002).png