Om spitze & Co

Spitze & Co was founded in 2011 with the aim of becoming a leading consultancy in the field of customer and citizen service. With some of the most prominent public customers in Denmark and Norway as well as strong growth in for example the financial sector, the goal is within reach.

Our credo was and still is today that service strategies cannot be made without technology and vice versa. This has resulted in developing our own solutions in order to deliver the optimal technologies to our customers. That is why Spitze & Co today has a digital department located in Silkeborg, which develops and supports solutions that support our customers' customer service.

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Spitze & Co's #1 task is to help optimize citizen services and customer relationships and thus get our customers to meet their customers wherever they are. For us, a succesful project is defined by our customers gaining enough knowledge about their new systems and/or processes so that they can work on it independently.